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Cathcart Cemetery Entrance

 21  Cathcart Cemetery: The Final Resting Place of the Scotch Professors

Cathcart Cemetery is in East Renfrewshire and opened in 1878.

The Friends of Cathcart Cemetery identified over 20 'Scotch Professors' (Scots who taught the passing and moving game) laid to rest in this garden cemetery, and are actively trying to save this site.


Walter "Wattie" Arnott (12 May 1861 – 18 May 1931) - Arnott played for Queen's Park and the Scotland National Team.

Robert Smyth McColl (13 April 1876 - 25 November 1959) was a Scotland International footballer and only player to score a hat-trick against the other three home nations. After football he was co-founder of the newsagent RS McColl.

William Wilton (9 June 1865 – 2 May 1920) was the first manager of Rangers Football Club, serving the club from May 1899 until his death in 1920.

Cathcart Cemetery Lodge Etching

An early etching of the Cemetery Lodge at Cathcart Cemetery.

Hugh MacColl (June 1861 - 31 August 1915) is one of the group of men who founded Seville Football Club on Burns Night 1890, and was the first captain of Spain's oldest football club.

William "Willie" Patrick Maley (25 April 1868 – 2 April 1958) was a Scottish international football player and manager. He was the first and longest-serving manager of the Celtic Football Club, with a tenure of 43 years from 1897 to 1940.

George Pattullo (4 November 1888 to 5 September 1953) played for Barcelona and, in his debut season, scored 41 goals in just 23 matches during the 1910–11 season.

Joseph Taylor (16 December 1850 - 4 October 1888) - Joseph Taylor played in all 6 of the first international football matches. He was a formidable fullback and won the Scottish Cup Treble with Queen's Park between 1874 and 1876.

Cathcart Cemetery is a place of memorial and reflection. Please be respectful of this ground and the people around you whilst visiting, and ensure you use the existing pathways at the cemetery whilst on site.

An interactive map is provided by Friends of Cathcart Cemetery at their wonderful website -

William and Mary Hood Mauseleum Cathcart

William Hood was a a Justice of the Peace and his Egyptian grave is an architectural highlight of the cemetery, The Scotch Professor's memorials are less opulent but equally significant.

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