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Glasgow Necropolis

 05  Glasgow Necropolis: The Final Resting Place of William Dick, SFA Secretary

Glasgow’s Necropolis opened in 1833, with its literal translation as the ‘City of the Dead’ and is Scotland’s oldest garden cemetery.


William Dick became the SFA’s Secretary in 1875 and was a footballing administrator trailblazer.

William Dick enlisted the Marquis of Lorne as honorary President of the SFA in 1875. The Marquis became Governor General of Canada; and William Dick sent over copies of rules to support the development of association football in Canada.

Following the Marquis’ exit to Canada, William Dick enlisted Lord Rosebery as Honorary President. 

William Dick Grave detail.jpg

William Dick's headstone sporting a finely carved football motif.

William Dick Grave SFA

The SFA funded William Dick's memorial headstone following his death in 1880.

Through his patronage, Scotland would wear the ‘primrose & pink Rosebery Colours’ for the first time against England in 1881 at Kennington Oval. Andrew Watson, the world’s first black international footballer, led out Scotland on his debut and won the game 6-1. This is still England’s greatest-ever home defeat.

In October 1878, William Dick was instrumental in leading the development of association football in Ireland. William sent over two dozen copies of the Scottish Football Annual and organised two teams to travel to Belfast - Queen’s Park and Caledonian Football Clubs - to play in exhibition matches.

William Dick died in 1880 and is buried in the Necropolis. A charity match was held in his name at 1st Hampden Park between the winners of the Scottish Cup, Queen’s Park, and Clapham Rovers, England’s FA Cup.


Glasgow Necropolis is a place of memorial and reflection. Please be respectful of this ground and the people around you whilst visiting, and ensure you use the existing pathways at the cemetery whilst on site.

Glasgow Cathedral from the Necropolis

Glasgow's fine twelfth century Cathedral can be viewed from the Necropolis.

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