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Birthplace of Alexander Watson Hutton.
Alexander Watson Hutton is the father of Argentinian football and one of history's most important Scotch Professors.

Born here in 1852, in the Gorbals at 29 Eglinton Street, but tragically orphaned at age five. He moved to Edinburgh, where he received a free education and graduated from Edinburgh University in 1881 with a Philosophy Degree.

In 1882, Watson Hutton accepted a position at St Andrew's Scots School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Alexander Watson Hutton taught and played football; however, rugby was Argentina's most popular sport. He resigned after an unsuccessful attempt to convert the school to play football.

Watson Hutton set up the Buenos Aires English High School in 1884, with 500 pupils regularly attending and playing football. Football spread like wildfire and became the centre of a new sporting culture.

Alexander Watson Hutton was joined in 1891 by a group of Scots and formed the Argentine Association Football League - this is the 3rd oldest football league in the world.

Watson Hutton was elected its first President, and the institution evolved into the current Argentinian Football Association.

Watson Hutton's legacy in Argentinian football is unmatched, and the architect of one of the world's footballing powerhouses, with an obsessive fan culture for the beautiful game.

Football is a religion in Argentina, and Watson Hutton was the pioneering spirit of its development.

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