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Southern Necropolis Glasgow detail

 08  Southern Necropolis: The Final Resting Place of SFA’s 1st President, Archibald Campbell

The Southern Necropolis is a cemetery in southern Glasgow, which opened in 1840 to provide an affordable and respectable burial place for the people of the Gorbals.


Archibald' Archie' Campbell founded the highly influential Clydesdale Cricket Club in 1848, Scotland's fourth oldest cricket club.

In 1872, he formed Clydesdale Football Club to maintain the fitness of his cricketers during the winter months. Between 1850 and 1914, there were more than 1,800 cricket clubs in the greater Glasgow area, and were the foundation of the explosion of football across Glasgow.


Clydesdale played in blue and orange hoops and was one of Scotland's top four clubs, alongside Queen's Park, Third Lanark Rifles Volunteers, and Vale of Leven.

Southern Necropolis Glasgow Entrance

The Victorian entrance to the Southern Necropolis.

Southern Necropolis Glasgow Archibald Campbell grave

The headstone of Archibald Campbell.

In March 1873, Clydesdale accepted an invitation from Queen's Park and six other clubs to form the governing body of football in Scotland: The Scottish Football Association.


Archie served as the first SFA president for two years during which time the Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup (more commonly known as the Scottish Cup) was instituted in 1873. 


Two other Clydesdale members, Ebenezer Hendry and William Gibb, were also appointed to the first committee of the SFA.


Clydesdale's final game was in 1890. Archie's team, in its short history, were Queen's Park's greatest friend and ally, and their most significant contribution is the two-handed shy.

Southern Necropolis is a place of memorial and reflection. Please be respectful of this ground and the people around you whilst visiting, and ensure you use the existing pathways at the cemetery whilst on site.

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