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Old Cathkin Park Glasgow

 10  Old Cathkin Park: The Site of Third Lanark FC's First Home

In 1875, ‘Old’ Cathkin Park in Govanhill became the home of Third Lanark Football Club. 


They moved from their drill ground at Victoria Road to Cathkin Park, as it was unsuitable for football. The Third’s Committee acknowledged that the playing surface was so rough that it was unfair to bring other clubs to play on it.

In 1878, the first grandstand was erected at Cathkin Park for £155.

The first experiment of floodlights in Scotland was conducted here at a match between Third Lanark and Vale of Leven in 1878. This was shortly after the first experiment in the world at Sheffield.

This ground hosted international matches, including a Scotland team captained by footballing legend Charles Campbell, where Scotland beat England 1-0 on 15th March 1884.

Dixon halls 19th Century

Late nineteenth century view of the Dixon Halls on Cathcart Road. Streets leading to Old Cathkin Park are on the right.

Old Cathkin Park Glasgow

Football at Old Cathkin Park. The Dixon Halls can be seen on the left.

For the international match, the Association erected a temporary stand on the opposite side of the field from the grandstand, which was common to maximise the revenue for these highly anticipated matches.


The highest attendance of 16,000 was recorded in 1899 at a match between Third Lanark and Rangers, with the visitors running out 5-1 winners.


Third Lanark were founder members of the Scottish Football Association and Scottish Football League.


Third Lanark moved to their ‘new’ Cathkin Park in 1903, the site of 2nd Hampden and played there until their untimely demise in 1967.

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