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3 Eglinton Terrace Spider web landscape

 11  3 Eglinton Terrace: The Birthplace of Queen’s Park Football Club

A group of men met at 8:30pm on 9th July 1867 at 3 Eglinton Terrace to form a football club.


Following a protracted discussion, including suggestions including 'The Celts', 'Morayshire' and 'The Northern', they called themselves 'Queen's Park Football Club'. 


The new committee established Scotland's first association football club and dedicated it to the recreation and amusement of its members.


On the 15th July, 1867, Queen's Park returned and drew out their 'Rules of the Field' based on the association rules provided by Clydesdale Cricket Club's Professional, James Lilywhite. 

Victoria Bar.jpg

Victoria Bar - 400 Victoria Road and within the block of the likely location of 3 Eglinton Terrace.

Queen's Park Spider Web

By accident or design? Queens Park FC are known as 'The Spiders'. A spider web is carved at 464 Victoria Road and is adjacent to Eglinton Terrace.

Victoria Road 2_edited.jpg

Looking down Victoria Road along what was called Eglinton Terrace.

They amended these rules to include the two-person off-side rule, the fundamental requirement of the modern passing and running combination game.


Queen's Park were co-founders of both the FA Cup and Scottish Cup, created international football, led the creation of the SFA, and built the world's first enclosed, purpose-built international football ground.


Queen's Park lifted ten of the first twenty Scottish Cups and is the 3rd most successful team in Scottish Cup history.


They are the original 'Scotch Professors' (Scots who taught the passing and moving game) who developed 'the beautiful game' enjoyed by 3.5 billion people around the world today.


The exact location of 3 Eglinton Terrace has been debated for decades. On 15th May 2024, Historic Environment Scotland completed the review of the various sources available to evidence the location of 3 Eglinton Terrace and concluded that the tenement block at 400 - 404 Victoria Road is the likely location. 

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