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 12  Queen's Park Football Club's Beginning: Where These Trailblazers First Trained

The founding members of Queen's Park Football Club, hailing from the North - Morayshire, Banffshire and Aberdeen – first practised hammer throwing, putting the ball, tossing the caber, pole vaulting and other muscular exercises in this area of Pollokshields.


The location for these sporting activities was near Lorne Terrace on the Pollokshields side of the Strathbungo bridge.


Across Victorian Glasgow, young people joined each other in public spaces to exercise, as sport exploded in popularity across the city, and beyond its borders.


These men felt the space limited their activities and became too cramped to continue. Furthermore, with building work encroaching on this area, they decided to move to the Recreation Ground at Queen's Park. 

Victorian Nithsdale Road

View looking down Nithsdale Road. Similar to what Queens Park's footballers would have seen while training.

QP Training Ground today

Modern-day view of the site of the training ground from Darnley Road.

This is one of the most important decisions in football history, leading this group to discover their love of football and create Queen's Park Football Club.

The culture of physical exercise is engrained in Glasgow, which boasts an incredible legacy of sports development, including football, rugby, cricket, golf, rowing, athletics, lawn bowls, cycling and winter sports, amongst many others.


In 2023, Glasgow received recognition for its sporting legacy and was awarded the prestigious title of the 'European Capital of Sport'. 


This award is testament to those Victorian men and women, who laid the foundations for the enthusiasm for recreational pursuits to maintain their fitness, health and happiness.

Railway Footbridge Strathbungo

The new Strathbungo footbridge that leads to the old Queen's Park FC training ground.

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