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Queens Park Recreation Grounds

 15  Queen's Park Recreation Ground: Where Queen's Park Football Club First Played Football

The Queen's Park Recreational Ground's story starts over 450 years ago and involves the most famous Queen in Scottish history.


Mary Queen of Scots was defeated here in 1568 at the Battle of Langside. The battle lasted 45 minutes, and Mary was captured, imprisoned in England, and executed in 1587 by her English cousin, Elizabeth I.

Nearly three centuries later, Glasgow's Town Council transformed this site into a new public park, opening it in 1862 and naming it after their Queen.

In 1867, a group of men spotted members of the Young Men's Christian Association playing football and joined in.

Corporation Pitches

Football and sledging at the Corporation pitches on a winter's day in the 1940's.

They subsequently met on 9th July 1867, at 3 Eglinton Terrace at 8:30pm, to form a football club. They named themselves Queen's Park after their new home.

During their six years here, Queens' Park achieved these incredible feats:

  • Organised the world's first international football match of Scotland against England at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground, held on St Andrew's Day 1872. 
  • Raised enough funds for the return leg in England by charging entry for the match and created the template for international football.

  • Led the creation of the Scottish Football Association with 7 cricket clubs, and created the Scottish Cup.

In October 1873, Queen's Park left their ground, moving 200 yards east to build the 1st Hampden Park.

Battle of Langside

More than a game? Mary Queen of Scots mourning over the dying Douglas after the battle of Langside in 1568.

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